Cobblestone Quality Shoe Repair


Photo by RobertMPeacock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RobertMPeacock/iStock / Getty Images

Sole & Heel Replacement

We are able to replace the soles on most Cowboy Boots, Hiking Boots, Work Boots and Dress Boots. Prices vary based on the amount of work involved, type of materials used, and type of boot being resoled. 

3/4 Soles and heels on cowboy boots start at $75.95+

Full Soles and heels on cowboy boots start at $110.95+ Tax

Full Soles on work boots or hiking boots start at $70.95+ Tax

3/4 Soles and Heels on dress boots start at $75.95+Tax

Heel Replacement


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Most people tend to wear down the rubber on the heel of a shoe over time. We can replace the rubber extending the life of your shoes. Heels for mens shoes start at $19.95 +tax. Heels for mens boots start at $24.95 +tax.



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When your favorite boots start to look worn, and polishing will no longer help, bring them to us and we can re-dye them. In some cases we can dye them back to their original color, but other times we have to dye them a darker color. Dying boots generally costs between $50.95 and & $60.95 +tax.





Another option to help revive your boots is a New Finish. We remove any buildup on the boot, condition the leather, touch up the color, and seal it all off with a new topcoat. This process generally starts around $22.95 +tax for the pair.




If you have boots or shoes that are too tight, we can stretch them. We have special stretchers that can gradually expand the leather. If you have pressure points, we can concentrate on these specific area. The cost of stretching is generally around $10 +tax




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